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April 8, 2013


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Reine's Commission Listing

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 8, 2013, 5:02 AM

What does DragonReine do?  

I am a digital painter, specialising in semi-realistic and realistic portraiture.

I am willing to draw:

  • Erotica of almost all kinds
  • Character/creature portraits
  • Anything fantasy-themed

Pricing List (All in USD)

Instalments allowed for paintings above $100.

Please see "How is the process of a commission like" to see how instalments work.

Close-Up Portraits

Elijah Rothwell (Chronicles of Thedas) by DragonReine Warden Commander Alim Surana by DragonReine Rhianna Hawke, Cherished Daughter by DragonReine Draestari by DragonReine 

Basic Price: $60 (single character, colour or black & white)

  • $30 per additional character
  • Additional charges may apply if subject matter is complex in design

Torso/Full-body Portraits

Razak Dali by DragonReine Eye Candy by DragonReine 'My Lioness' - Sekhmet Hawke and Sebastian by DragonReine 

Basic Price: $80 (single character, colour or black & white)

  • $40 per additional character
  • Additional charges may apply if subject matter is complex in design

How is the process of a commission like?

  • Send DragonReine a NOTE with your e-mail address to correspond with.
  • DragonReine will E-MAIL a commission request questionnaire, to obtain details about your commission request.
  • Once the questionaire has been answered, DragonReine will provide a quotation with the accurate pricing, estimated time frame and (if applicable) instalment method. For anything above $150, a non-refundable $80 or 50% of the full price of the painting (whichever is higher) will be needed as the initial deposit, while the rest will be paid in the final progress check before sending the full-resolution painting. Pricing does NOT include paypal fees, which will be borne by the commissioner.
  • If both parties agree on payment schedule and the subject matter, a Paypal invoice will be sent to the client for payment. Payment/initial deposit must be made in full before sketches are sent.
  • DragonReine will send sketches of the painting, and will request for additional references if necessary.
  • Once the suitable sketch is agreed upon, DragonReine will start painting. Time frame given in the quotation will start from the date that DragonReine sends the confirmation/acknowledgement e-mail.
  • DragonReine will send 2-4 work-in-progress thumbnails for feedback. Please be reminded that whatever decisions you make during this checking process are FINAL, and will not be changed. Major overhauls that require obliterating a significant amount of the painting will require additional charges.
  • DragonReine will send a low-resolution watermarked thumbnail for final feedback and (if applicable) the final invoice for the balance of the commission price. Clients paying under the instalment method will be required to pay the remaining balance before the full resolution image is sent. Failure to send final payment may result in the commission being CANCELLED.
  • DragonReine will send the final, printing-resolution painting in PNG format.

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BrennaCeDria Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014
Do want! But finances don't agree with my wants. :( The sketch of Elissa you did was fantastic, but I've got to get some color things eventually!
lunn1986 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013
Can't wait for you to come back~ x)
xenowriter Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013
Put me down :)
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