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July 2, 2010
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Wolf by DragonReine Wolf by DragonReine
Drawing of "Wolf", the Human Noble Warden in the Dragon Age Fanfiction "Of Whoresons and Nobles".

Naked from the waist up only because I couldn't draw armor to save my own life XD and it's an opportunity to test my skills at male human anatomy. I THINK I got most of it correct >A<

Sketched in pencil, scanned and then cleaned up/edited via GIMP
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I'm reading your story now, I find this pic a very good (and pleasing!) snippet of the Warden. Very sexy!
DragonReine Jul 1, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! This is a rather old image, mind... some day I'd love to draw a new one of him XD Face hidden, of course.... or perhaps not? We'll see!
Gutts!?! Is that you!?! :fear: [link]

Just you can understand, I'm also afflicted with a passion for strong, gorgeous men with giant swords. There, I said it. And that smirk is simply irresistible. Name suits him like a glove!

:la: Is that two-handed, the Ageless? :la:

And I've already caught a glimpse of your fic on FF. Must find some time to R&R!

Cheers! :ahoy:
DragonReine Aug 20, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AHAHAHA I was wondering if someone would associate the two. No, it's not Guts, thankfully. Wolf doesn't have a mechanical arm, for one, and no MangaLand-sized Big Friggin' Sword or Spikey Anime Hair(tm) for another :XD:

And yep, that's Ageless, or my version of it ^^; the design on the quillion for example, largely because I don't like drawing jewels ^^; the fuller is also quite different from the original Ageless.

Thanks for the praise, and please R&R if you can. Just one warning: Of Whoresons and Nobles is an EXPLICIT SLASH fic, so if that grosses you out you don't have to read it, I don't mind ;)
Aww, I love Gutts! And Wolf seems very interesting! I'm a big Berserk fan, so I couldn't help but see what I wanted to see. :D
Ah, that spiky hair. And Gutts practically doesn't have skin anymore, since Silke channeled fire through him! :fear: He just has scar tissue! And a brand!

I don't like jewels on weapons in general. I find the dwarven paragon figurehead you added, a refreshing variation. Sten has the Ageless in my playthrough, so I get to gawk at it frequently. That's how I recognised the shape.

I enjoy both reading and writing erotic fanficion, so sexual content is not an issue. As for m/m romance, I can't say I'm a huge fan but from what little I've read of your story, it has tasteful humor and it's well written. Now I just need to find some time and read it through with a clear head.
DragonReine Aug 21, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, Guts really got beaten with the Ugly Stick when that happened. Poor dear.

The paragon figurehead was entirely by accident. I'm one of those rare people who play Dragon Age with an AVERAGE computer (as in, good graphics but not great etc etc) and to speed up gameplay I lowered the res and textures (kept the graphics at medium, because low graphics looked downright odd to me) and as a result never actually got a good look at the details on the weapons. ^^; So when I drew this, I mostly improvised on the art (and I like dwarf carvings' Norse-ish feel). Imagine my chagrin when I managed to choke out a decent screenshot from my game and actually saw how it looked like. Sheesh :XD:

Thanks, but you like tasteful? Erm, then I suggest you stay away from my OTHER fanfiction, "The Warden's List", which is basically a list of the weirdest euphemisms I could come up with, the tasteless way Oghren and Zev would have written it ^^; Looking forward to reviews from you.
Well, besides the armor/weapon level of detail, I think Dragon Age is a game you can easily enjoy with medium graphics. I do have every possible setting maxed out and I find the general environment doesn't require this. Assassin's Creed 2? Now there's a game where high resolution is necessary.

Hmm...I took some time to scrutinize the Ageless yesterday. It's true that it's a bit thicker and the adornments are different, but still I like your version better. Wolf's modified two-handed perhaps?

:lol: Not staying away from anything, until I try it first! Will try to R&R soon, but it might take a while. Can't promise that the review will be short, either!
DragonReine Aug 25, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yup. Ultimately Dragon Age is about the story, the gameplay, and more importantly the LOADS AND LOADS OF CHARACTERS.

Well, Wolf's the sort that would cheerfully tinker with things, if he thinks it would get away with it. Hell, he tinkers with PEOPLE, and that's already somewhat unethical. :D

Like I mentioned, take your time, and I LOVE wordy reviews, so just review away!
I agree, they did an excellent job with the characters, especially some particular npcs. It was actually one of the very few games where I didn't feel like the npcs were just hanging around waiting for you to appear. They had their own believable past and present.

Ah yes, Wolf's delightful surprises. I just got past chapter 20 of your fic and enjoying it. Zevran doesn't seem to go back on manipulation either, however! :D

Unfortunately don't expect my full review until the end of September. Exam period is approaching and I see my spare time diminishing fast. :(
DragonReine Aug 30, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's no biggie. Focus on your studies :) good luck
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